landlord's lien

Definitions of "landlord's lien"
  1. A claim that a landlord can make on a tenant's personal property to ensure rent payments or to recover money the tenant owes them for other reasons
  2. A landlord's authority to confiscate and sell a tenant's personal property to compensate for unpaid rent or property damage
How to use "landlord's lien" in a sentence
  1. Due to failure in monthly rent payment, the landlord exercised his rights of landlord's lien on the tenant's personal property.
  2. Because he did not repay the money he owed to the landlord, the landlord used a landlord's lien on his valuables as a form of repayment.
  3. To recover the loss, the landlord enforced a landlord's lien, seizing a portion of the tenant's valuable goods.
  4. Due to the accumulated unpaid rent, the landlord invoked his right to a landlord's lien on the tenant's assets.
  5. The landlord's lien enabled him to recover some costs after the tenant damaged the property and refused to pay repairs.
  6. In few states, a public sale is required to enforce a landlord's lien on a tenant's belongings.

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