Definitions of "lapse"
  1. A conclusion or discontinuation due to occurrences, disregard, or passage of time
  2. The failure of a legacy to be effective because the recipient passes away before the one who made the will
  3. The end of an insurance policy because premiums are not paid or the policy is not renewed
  4. To become invalid, ineffective, or unsuccessful
  5. To make a policy or agreement invalid or ineffective
How to use "lapse" in a sentence
  1. The lapse of the contract was caused by the neglect of its renewal for a prolonged period.
  2. If you let your car insurance lapse, you'll be uninsured and at risk of financial difficulty if an accident occurs.
  3. The will contained a clause spelling out what would happen in the event of a lapse of any of the bequests.

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