Definitions of "law"
  1. A standard guideline or rule that is enforced by an overseeing authority and is acknowledged as compulsory
  2. An edict or regulation established by a legislative body
  3. An authoritative decree, such as a court ruling, that is regarded as obligating and influential in the enforcement of justice
  4. A collection of established rules or regulations
  5. The governing influence or dominance of established regulations
  6. The various organizations or individuals whose role is to enforce regulations
  7. The practical application of guidelines or rules as separate from considerations of actual circumstances or facts
  8. The collective guidelines and theories relating to a specific topic
  9. The professional field that revolves around studying, interpreting, and applying regulatory guidelines
  10. The study and impact of regulations and their application as a domain of knowledge or societal structure
How to use "law" in a sentence
  1. The newly passed law on cybercrime increased penalties for hackers.
  2. Studying law requires a good understanding of critical thinking and ethical reasoning.
  3. The agents were responsible for enforcing the local law on environmental protection.

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