Definitions of "lease"
  1. An agreement where the property owner gives another party exclusive rights to use their property for a predetermined amount of rent and time period
  2. A type of property, often real estate, which is being rented to another party under a specific agreement
  3. An agreement in which an individual provides services or labor in exchange for a certain payment
  4. The act of providing a contract to another party allowing them to use a property for a certain amount of time and for a set amount of rent
  5. The state of having control over a property on the basis of a contract that specifies terms and conditions of use and payment
  6. The state of being under an agreement that allows for the use of a property for a specific duration and cost
  7. The action of giving out real property for use or occupation under specific terms and conditions
How to use "lease" in a sentence
  1. The store owner decided to lease the retail space due to financial constraints.
  2. Under the lease, the tenant agreed to pay the rent on the first of every month.
  3. The business was seeking to lease the empty office space downtown.

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