Definitions of "legal"
  1. Refers to anything related to or concerning law
  2. Pertains to any action or condition that is underpinned by the authority of the law
  3. Concerns activities or objects that comply with the requirements of the law
  4. Describes a status or condition that is recognized or validated by law
  5. Involves actions or entities brought into existence by the execution of a statutory law
  6. Refers to situations or conditions that are formally instituted by law
  7. Denotes actions, practices, or objects that adhere to the rules or permissions provided by law
  8. Refers to concepts or processes recognized by or effective under the principles of law, as opposed to the principles of equity
  9. Associated with the professional practice or practitioners of law
  10. Concerns the academic study or research of law
How to use "legal" in a sentence
  1. The legal system can be complex and hard to navigate.
  2. He is studying legal principles to become a lawyer.
  3. The business has to meet all legal requirements in order to operate.

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