Definitions of "legitimate"
  1. Refers to a person or a thing that is recognized as valid and lawful due to birth to married parents or through legal means to gain such status
  2. Identifies a subject that is not counterfeit or bogus; it is genuine
  3. Relates to something that complies with the law and satisfies established legal requirements and standards
  4. Pertains to a subject that adheres to accepted rules, principles, and standards
  5. The act of making something legal, valid, and acceptable
  6. The act of granting legal status or authorization to a person or a thing
  7. A process to validate, justify, or establish the merit of a claim, action, or status
  8. The act of legalizing the status of a child who was not born of married parents, rendering them equivalent to a child born within wedlock
How to use "legitimate" in a sentence
  1. The court deemed the election results as legitimate after verifying all the ballots.
  2. The organization took steps to legitimate the previously unauthorized operation.
  3. Despite the criticism, the board stood firm, arguing that their decision was legitimate.

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