Definitions of "levy"
  1. The act of imposing or executing a certain action, specifically in the context of laws or regulations
  2. The act of imposing and collecting a tax by a governmental authority
  3. The action of seizing property, whether real or personal, in the possession of a person who owes a debt, as mandated by a court order
  4. The exact amount that is imposed and collected, normally in the context of taxes or fines
  5. The authorized act of imposing or collecting a specific amount, typically in the form of a tax or fine
  6. The execution of a court-issued writ or order
  7. The procedure of putting into action a court-issued writ of either execution or attachment
How to use "levy" in a sentence
  1. The city council has decided to levy a new tax on luxury properties in the area.
  2. The local government had to levy hefty fines on businesses that violated the environmental regulations.
  3. In an effort to recover the outstanding judgement debt, the court ordered to levy the debtor's personal properties.

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