Definitions of "license"
  1. A legal permission given by a competent authority, such as a government or a business, allowing someone to carry out activities that would be illegal without this right
  2. The revocable permission given to a person with no property rights on a piece of land, allowing them to do something on that land that would normally be considered illegal or an act of trespass
  3. A grant transferring some, but not all, of a copyright or patent holder's rights covered under a copyright or patent
  4. A legal defense to a trespassing charge, showing that the accused person acted according to a granted permission
  5. The freedom that is used irresponsibly
  6. Ignoring the conventions of personal behavior
  7. The act of issuing legal permission to someone
  8. The act of permitting or authorizing something or someone through legal permission
How to use "license" in a sentence
  1. The local government issues a license to the contractor to carry out construction work in the city.
  2. Even though the man did not own the land, he received a license to mine minerals from it.
  3. With the inventor's license, the company started producing and selling the patented product.

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