Definitions of "loss"
  1. The experience of having damage or harm, either tangible or intangible, that negatively impacts a person or entity, often financially
  2. A reduction in the worth, quantity, or availability of something
  3. A situation where the charge or expense required for something surpasses its selling or market value
  4. The circumstance of having an item or a substance inadvertently destroyed to the point where it cannot be recovered
  5. A financial setback experienced by an insured individual due to a specific predefined incident that causes the insurance company to be liable under the insurance agreement's conditions
  6. The experience of being subjected to harm or disadvantage, either emotionally, physically, or most commonly, financially
How to use "loss" in a sentence
  1. The fire resulted in a significant loss for the homeowner, who didn't have comprehensive insurance.
  2. After the market crash, many investors experienced substantial loss in their portfolios.
  3. The company suffered a loss when the cost to produce the product exceeded the revenue it generated.

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