Louisiana Civil Code

Definition of "Louisiana Civil Code"
  1. A legal code enacted by the Louisiana state legislature in 1825, rooted in the Code Napoleon. It is a consolidation of the French and Spanish laws considered operative in Louisiana at that time. Since its inception, the Civil Code has undergone frequent revisions, with the latest significant update occurring in 1986. Serving as the bedrock for Louisiana's legal system, it outlines laws on individuals, property, obligations, donations, and successions, and provides a reference for Louisiana laws and judicial decisions
How to use "Louisiana Civil Code" in a sentence
  1. The Louisiana Civil Code offers insights on laws related to personal rights and obligations in that state.
  2. According to the Louisiana Civil Code, property laws in the state have a unique influence from French and Spanish law traditions.
  3. The provisions for donations and successions outlined in the Louisiana Civil Code serve as a cornerstone for the state's inheritance laws.

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