Definitions of "magistrate"
  1. An individual in a civil or judicial role who holds a certain degree of power to make legal decisions and judgments
  2. An appointed or elected official, at the local, state, or federal level, typically endowed with the ability to issue arrest warrants, adjudicate minor legal disputes, and oversee initial hearings in legal proceedings
  3. A designated official, such as a judge, who is empowered to fulfill the duties and responsibilities traditionally associated with the role of a magistrate
How to use "magistrate" in a sentence
  1. The magistrate issued a warrant for the suspect’s arrest after reviewing the evidence provided by the police.
  2. In small disputes, a magistrate can offer a quicker and less costly avenue for resolution than a full trial.
  3. Before the trial began, the parties met with the magistrate for a preliminary hearing to discuss the charges and potential plea deals.

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