Definitions of "malice"
  1. The state of intending to inflict injury, harm, or damage to another person or their property without any justification or valid reason
  2. A careless disregard for the rights of others or the importance of human life
  3. An evil or improper motivation or intention behind an action
  4. Malice that is real and intentional, not merely implied or inferred
  5. A disposition characterized by ill will, spitefulness, or a desire for revenge
How to use "malice" in a sentence
  1. His indemnification claim was rejected, as his actions were seen as an act of malice against his coworker.
  2. Although the incident was unfortunate, there was no evidence to prove malice on her part.
  3. The prosecution argued the malice evident in the defendant's actions was sufficient to upgrade the charges to first-degree.

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