Definitions of "margin"
  1. The remaining amount after subtracting the cost of an item sold from its total net sales, typically used to cover expenses or generate profit
  2. The value that the collateral of a loan has in the market in excess of the loan's actual worth
  3. A specified amount of cash or other forms of collateral deposited by a client with their broker to finance securities purchases
  4. An amount of money deposited with a broker by a client who's engaging in futures trading
How to use "margin" in a sentence
  1. The company significantly increased its margin through effective cost management.
  2. Due to a prosperous market, the margin of the collateral exceeded the value of the loan.
  3. To buy securities on credit, the investor deposited a margin with the broker.
  4. Before entering into a futures agreement, she provided her broker with the required margin.

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