Definitions of "mark"
  1. A symbol, often a cross or X, used as a substitute for a signature by someone unable to write their own name
  2. A character, emblem or sign placed on an item or used in relation to a service primarily to identify the maker or owner, certify its quality or for identification purposes
  3. The act of establishing or determining the boundaries or limits of something
  4. The process of attaching an identifying symbol or sign, such as a trademark, to an item
How to use "mark" in a sentence
  1. The illiterate elderly woman provided her mark on the contract as she could not write her name.
  2. The company's unique mark on their products ensured their customers of its quality and originality.
  3. The surveyors were asked to mark the land to establish the property lines before construction could begin.
  4. Products should be properly marked with a trademark to protect the manufacturer's rights and interests.

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