Definitions of "market"
  1. The cost or value of goods or securities in a real-time setting
  2. The locality or area where there is a need or demand for certain commodities or services
  3. An official and structured platform where businessmen can smoothly carry out transactions between purchasers and merchants of goods
  4. A specifically targeted group of potential consumers or clients
  5. The mechanism or system where the process of goods exchange takes place in business
  6. A beneficial circumstance or event that offers a chance to sell goods or services
  7. The existing stock of, or possible demand for, certain goods or services
  8. The sphere of commerce where buyers and sellers interact, and pricing is influenced by the forces of supply and demand
How to use "market" in a sentence
  1. The stock market experienced a drastic fall today.
  2. With the introduction of new technology, the market for smartphones is highly competitive.
  3. The farmer's market has been extremely popular among the local residents.

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