mechanic's lien

Definitions of "mechanic's lien"
  1. A claim made against a property, typically a building, to ensure payment for work done, such as construction services, or materials supplied
  2. A legal claim on real estate made by a worker or supplier who has not been paid for labor, services, or supplies used to enhance the property
How to use "mechanic's lien" in a sentence
  1. The contractor filed a mechanic's lien against the property when the owner refused to pay for the renovation project.
  2. To protect their interest, the supplier of construction materials established a mechanic's lien on the property undergoing development.
  3. The homeowner risked losing their house due to a mechanic's lien placed on it by the unpaid laborer.
  4. Due to unpaid bills, the contractor placed a mechanic's lien on the property.
  5. To recover their debt, the supplier considered taking legal action and imposing a mechanic's lien.
  6. Failure to pay the plumber resulted in a mechanic's lien on the homeowner's property.

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