Megan's Law

Definitions of "Megan's Law"
  1. A statute that obligates law enforcement agencies to publicly disclose information regarding local residents who have been convicted of sexual offenses
  2. A legal requirement for convicted sex offenders to register with law enforcement authorities, who disclose certain details about the offender to the public
How to use "Megan's Law" in a sentence
  1. Under Megan's Law, residents have a right to know if any convicted sex offenders are living in their neighborhood.
  2. Law enforcement agencies provide information about registered sex offenders in compliance with Megan's Law.
  3. Megan's Law was enacted to help communities stay informed about and safe from convicted sex offenders.
  4. Under Megan's Law, the man had to provide his personal details to law enforcement following his conviction.
  5. The new neighbors were informed about the resident's past through Megan's Law.
  6. Eligibility for housing was checked using the public information provided by Megan's Law.

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