Definitions of "merger"
  1. The conjoining of a smaller property or interest into a larger one owned by the same individual
  2. When a new contract incorporates and supersedes a previous one
  3. When two legal offenses, stemming from the same conduct, are treated in such a way that the defendant is not or cannot be punished for both, particularly when one offense is incidental to, or necessarily included in, the other
  4. A principle stating that such offenses must be conjoined or blended together
  5. A principle in civil law stating that a ruling in favor of the plaintiff integrates and replaces the underlying cause and any claims based on it. Additional legal proceedings by the defendant must then focus on the judgment
  6. A replacement of a prior agreement in a divorce case by the final divorce decree or official decision
  7. The process of bringing two or more entities together into one
  8. When one business entity absorbs another
How to use "merger" in a sentence
  1. The merger of the companies resulted in a larger, more diverse organization.
  2. After the merger of the two contracts, the newer contract was the only one in effect.
  3. Under the merger doctrine, his two offenses were treated as one and he received a single punishment.

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