Definitions of "misconduct"
  1. Act of intentionally doing wrong or performing actions with disregard for their consequences, not typically landing in criminal territory
  2. When a government official purposefully or recklessly breaches established codes of conduct
  3. When a spouse engages in inappropriate behavior, such as adultery, resulting in the end of the marriage
  4. When a lawyer does not live up to professional ethics and standards
  5. When a juror behaves inappropriately, such as introducing independent evidence or communicating outside of authorized channels about a case
  6. When an employee purposefully disregards their employer's interests, or violates their standards or rules to an extent that justifies the refusal of unemployment benefits
How to use "misconduct" in a sentence
  1. The company dismissed him due to serious allegations of misconduct.
  2. The law firm had to investigate a claim of misconduct committed by one of their senior partners.
  3. To apply for divorce, one must provide evidence of the spouse's misconduct.

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