Definitions of "mistake"
  1. A mistake is an unintentional error, in legal matters or paperwork, where there is no sign of dishonest intentions, and typically calls for lenience or remedial action from the court
  2. A mistake can also describe a situation where a person holds a false belief
  3. In contract law, a mistake can refer to the state of misunderstanding or misuse of facts during the creation of an agreement which may lead to its modification or annulment
  4. In criminal law, a mistake could refer to a misapprehension when an alleged crime occurs as presented by the accused
How to use "mistake" in a sentence
  1. Her lawyer argued that she signed the contract under the belief that it contained different terms, hence it was a mistake and should be rescinded.
  2. The defendant filed a motion to correct a mistake in his plea, claiming he misunderstood the charges against him.
  3. A mistake in the lease agreement regarding the property boundaries warranted the court to order its reformation.

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