Morrill Land-Grant College Act

Definition of "Morrill Land-Grant College Act"
  1. A law enacted in 1862 that offered states an allocation of 30,000 acres of public land for each of its congressional representatives. The purpose of this act was to support the establishment of state colleges that emphasized teaching subjects related to agriculture and technical skills, while not excluding other scientific and classical studies. Over the years, this act has led to the distribution of approximately 12 million acres of land and the establishment of about 70 land-grant colleges
How to use "Morrill Land-Grant College Act" in a sentence
  1. The Morrill Land-Grant College Act has had a significant effect on public education by facilitating the creation of numerous state colleges across the country.
  2. In 1862, the federal government signed the Morrill Land-Grant College Act into law, aiming to support the development of state colleges focused on agriculture and mechanic arts.
  3. Thanks to the Morrill Land-Grant College Act, millions of acres of lands have been used to establish educational institutions to foster agricultural, mechanical, and scientific knowledge.

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