Definitions of "mortgage"
  1. An agreement where property title is transferred to secure a debt, and is given back upon fulfillment of the agreed terms
  2. A legal claim against property that is made to ensure the fulfillment of an obligation, which expires when the obligation is met as per the agreed terms
  3. A loan that is protected through a mortgage against a property
  4. A document that expresses and outlines the conditions of a mortgage
  5. The legal right of a mortgage lender to the property pledged as security until the debt is fully paid
  6. The act of giving or transferring by means of a mortgage
  7. The act of burdening a property with a mortgage
How to use "mortgage" in a sentence
  1. He decided to mortgage his house to fund his new business.
  2. She was careful to understand all the conditions of her mortgage before signing the agreement.
  3. They defaulted on their mortgage payments, putting their home at risk.

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