motion for a summary judgment

Definition of "motion for a summary judgment"
  1. A pre-trial request in writing for a decision to be made in one's favor based on recorded testimonies, declarations, depositions, factual admissions and answers to written questions. It claims that all issues, factual and legal, justify a verdict in their favor. The opponent must prove, by written documentation, that there are unresolved issues of fact or law. It can lead to a decision on some points, reducing the matters to be tried.
How to use "motion for a summary judgment" in a sentence
  1. The plaintiff filed a motion for a summary judgment, arguing that the evidence clearly supported their case.
  2. The defendant's lawyer argued against the motion for a summary judgment, stating that there were still factual issues to be resolved.
  3. Given the clear and indisputable facts of the case, the lawyer believed that a motion for a summary judgment would be successful.

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