motion for dismissal

Definition of "motion for dismissal"
  1. A request put forth by the defendant in a lawsuit or criminal prosecution to the judge, asserting that the plaintiff or prosecutor has failed to present enough evidence to support their case. This motion is typically submitted after all the plaintiff's or prosecutor's evidence has been displayed but can also be filed before the judgment if convincing evidence has been shown that the defendant is not at fault. This is often an oral motion discussed in the judge's private office beyond the hearing range of the jury
How to use "motion for dismissal" in a sentence
  1. After realizing the prosecution's lack of concrete evidence, the defense attorney submitted a motion for dismissal.
  2. The judge denied the motion for dismissal, stating that the prosecutor's evidences were sufficient for the case.
  3. Even before the judgment, strong evidence in favor of the defendant led to the filing of a motion for dismissal.

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