National Mediation Board

Definition of "National Mediation Board"
  1. An autonomous government body that is responsible for mediating conflicts between labor and management in the airline and railway industries. It mainly handles the mediation of disagreements over pay, working hours, and working conditions occurring between rail or air carriers and the groups representing their employees. It also examines disputes about representation between groups of carrier workers and labor unions. When a settlement is not achieved through direct negotiation, either party can appeal to the board for help or the board itself can step in to prevent any disruptions to commerce. If mediation is not successful, the board may influence the parties to consider arbitration
How to use "National Mediation Board" in a sentence
  1. When the negotiations between the air carrier and employee union reached an impasse, they looked to the National Mediation Board for assistance.
  2. The National Mediation Board stepped in to prevent a potential disruption to commerce amidst escalating labor disputes in the railroad industry.
  3. Finding no resolution through direct bargaining, both the labor organization and the railway company agreed to submit their dispute to the National Mediation Board.

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