Definitions of "natural"
  1. Relates to a sense of morality that is inherent rather than taught
  2. Something that exists as a part of nature or is determined by the natural world
  3. Refers to the way something is or acts according to nature, as opposed to being influenced by legal aspects
  4. Pertains to something that transpires as a normal part of events or circumstances
  5. Describes a biological relationship, as opposed to one formed through legal processes such as adoption
How to use "natural" in a sentence
  1. The claim was made on the basis of natural rights, not social contract.
  2. The court ruled in favor of the natural landscape, which was threatened by the construction project.
  3. The decision was based on natural justice, focusing on the inherent rights of the victim.
  4. The natural succession of events led to the final court decision.
  5. In this legal case, the natural father was granted custody over the adopted father.
  6. The inheritance was given to the natural relatives rather than the adoptive family.

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