Definitions of "necessaries"
  1. Essential goods, services, or costs viewed as required or indispensable
  2. Critical goods, services, or expenses required for supporting a present or former spouse or a child of divorced parents, and for which a spouse or parent can request payment or contribution from the other party
  3. Indispensable goods or services provided to a ship, the supplier of which can claim a maritime lien
  4. Essential goods or services given to a minor that, considering the minor's situation, warrant enforcing the minor’s contract for them even if the minor tries to negate it
How to use "necessaries" in a sentence
  1. The court ruled that the provision of necessaries to the minor was valid, even though the minor tried to disaffirm the contract.
  2. In the divorce case, the court ordered one spouse to reimburse the other for the necessaries needed to maintain and support their child.
  3. The supplier provided necessaries to the vessel and, therefore, was entitled to file a maritime lien.

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