Definitions of "nominee"
  1. An individual who is chosen to receive a grant, transfer of property, or a regular payment for a set period
  2. An individual proposed for an assignment, role, or position in an organization
  3. An individual picked to perform tasks or make decisions on behalf of another person
  4. A candidate who has been selected by a political party to represent them in an election
  5. An individual who holds a stock or registered bond certificate in their name, even though they do not possess actual ownership
How to use "nominee" in a sentence
  1. The bank acted as a nominee by holding the property for the borrowers.
  2. The board members endorsed their nominee for the position of president within the organization.
  3. The party leader announced the nominee for the upcoming elections during the rally.
  4. The stock was given to the mother as a nominee to manage until the child turned eighteen.
  5. When her friend was unable to handle the responsibilities, she acted as a nominee to manage his affairs.

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