Definitions of "note"
  1. A signed document stating a commitment to repay a particular sum of money
  2. A type of printed currency
  3. A detailed analysis or discussion on a legal subject, usually published in a scholarly journal
  4. The act of acknowledging or identifying the presence or existence of something
  5. The process of making an official record by a notary public when a negotiable instrument, such as a check, isn't honored upon presentment
How to use "note" in a sentence
  1. He signed a note promising the repayment of the loan amount within one year.
  2. The cashier inspected the note closely to ensure it was real and not counterfeit.
  3. Her law review included a comprehensive note on the amendments to the bankruptcy law.
  4. It's important to note that these laws might vary by state.
  5. When the check was presented for payment and was not honored, the bank noted it for nonpayment.

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