Definitions of "notice"
  1. An announcement or communication about a fact, claim, or legal action
  2. The state of being aware of a fact, claim, or legal proceeding
  3. A type of notice that is directly communicated
  4. A type of notice that is inferred from the circumstances
  5. Information that could lead a reasonable person to investigate further
  6. A written document that provides information or serves as an announcement
  7. The attention or acknowledgment given, particularly by a court
  8. The act of making something known through an announcement or notification
  9. The act of formally recognizing something or someone
  10. The act of serving a formal announcement or legal document to someone
  11. Related to a situation where a party with an interest in property has precedence over any previous claims not recorded and unknown to the party
How to use "notice" in a sentence
  1. The landlord gave the renters a notice of eviction.
  2. Upon noticing the disagreement, the court had to examine the case more closely.
  3. According to the law, they served a notice to the other party to initiate legal proceedings.

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