Definitions of "obligation"
  1. An assurance or contract which legally requires one to perform a particular action, often involving monetary payment
  2. A type of financial liability, such as a government bond or corporate bond, that one is required to pay back
  3. A responsibility or duty one has to fulfill or satisfy due to a legal or moral agreement
  4. A binding promise to pay a specified sum of money, usually within a given time frame
  5. A requirement that arises from law or morality which one is duty-bound to fulfill
  6. A legal or moral relationship that requires one party to carry out a certain action or abstain from doing something for the benefit of another party
How to use "obligation" in a sentence
  1. The tenant has an obligation to keep the rented property clean and report any damages to the landlord.
  2. One of the obligations in a standard employment contract is the employee's duty to maintain the confidentiality of the company's sensitive information.
  3. The borrower decided to pay off his obligation to the bank ahead of schedule, freeing him from the financial responsibility earlier than planned.

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