Definitions of "open"
  1. Visible or known to everyone; not hidden
  2. Accessible to all; not limited to specific people
  3. Active, functioning or operating
  4. Ready for use or service
  5. Still unresolved or to be decided; open to further examination
  6. Continues to be reliable until officially closed or canceled
  7. Free from legal or regulatory constraints
  8. To initiate or start something
  9. A statement that commences the trial of a case in court
  10. Being the first to present an argument in a case
  11. Undo a previous order, rule, or judgment, making it available for further proceedings
  12. To start or begin a course of activity
  13. To initiate the hearing of a court case
How to use "open" in a sentence
  1. The documents were left open to public scrutiny.
  2. The competition is open to everyone, not just members of the club.
  3. The investigation is still open and the detectives are following up on leads.

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