Definitions of "opinion"
  1. A conviction or belief that falls between a basic impression and indisputable knowledge
  2. A professional assessment or judgment given by an expert in a particular field
  3. Guidance or assessment provided by a lawyer to his client, concerning the legal issues involved in a particular situation
  4. An advisory perspective given by an authorized public representative or a prestigious organization, such as the American Bar Association
  5. A detailed, written presentation by a judge or court outlining the legal principles and reasoning underlying a particular court decision
  6. A written clarification of a decision made by an official presiding over a non-judicial conflict resolution
How to use "opinion" in a sentence
  1. The lawyer's opinion was that the evidence was not strong enough to proceed with the lawsuit.
  2. The attorney general issued an opinion stating that the proposed legislation was constitutional.
  3. Based on his expert opinion, the arbitrator decided the dispute in favor of the tenant.

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