Definitions of "order"
  1. The state of peace, law compliance, and lack of chaotic activities
  2. The established way or the state of doing things following a set procedure
  3. A requirement or directive issued by an authority that holds a superior rank
  4. A ruling or demand set out by a qualified administrative authority
  5. A directive issued by a court with authoritative power
  6. A directive given out by a superior officer in the military
  7. A guideline on to whom a negotiable instrument, like a check, should be paid
  8. A specific instruction or authorization, mostly related to the purchase or sale of goods, securities, or services
  9. The commodities or items that have been bought or sold
  10. A financial instrument that is payable to a specific person or to an individual nominated by that person through an endorsement
How to use "order" in a sentence
  1. The tribunal issued an order to stop any further construction activity in the area.
  2. The client placed an order for 1000 units of the new product.
  3. The bank made a payment based on the order on the payday check.

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