Definitions of "pass"
  1. The act of issuing a statement that discloses a resolution, final decision, or opinion
  2. Being legally finalized or approved
  3. The process where control, ownership, or possession changes hands from one individual or group to another
  4. The act of failing to announce and distribute a regularly scheduled payment, often referring to dividends in a company
  5. The process of getting approval from a relevant authority
  6. The act of giving official approval or granting legal authority to something
  7. The act of transferring legal rights or stake in something
  8. The act of introducing something into an existing system or network
  9. The act of formally declaring an outcome in a legal process, such as a sentence or a judgment
How to use "pass" in a sentence
  1. The board of directors voted to pass the new policy on workplace ethics.
  2. The new copyright law will only come into effect after it passes the legislative process.
  3. The bank decided to pass the unpaid loan to a collection agency.

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