Definitions of "patent"
  1. A term referring to something that can be easily inspected by the public
  2. Something that is protected by an official authority specifically granted by a governmental document
  3. Pertains to matters dealing with the allocation of patents, especially in relation to inventions
  4. An attribute describing something easily noticeable or comprehensible
  5. A formal piece of documentation that awards certain privileges or rights
  6. A privilege given to an inventor, or their successors, barring others from making, using or selling an invention for a specified duration
  7. A written legal document that safeguards such an exclusive right
  8. An invention that has exclusive rights protected by legal documentation
  9. A legal document signifying the transfer or allocation of public property
  10. The action of securing exclusive rights to something with the help of a formal document
How to use "patent" in a sentence
  1. The unique design of the wheel was secured under a patent.
  2. The inventor received a patent, thereby gaining the exclusive right to manufacture and sell the innovative product.
  3. With the legal formalities completed, the company was ready to patent its ground-breaking technology.

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