Definitions of "perfect"
  1. Being absolutely without any faults, mistakes, or shortcomings
  2. Meeting all necessary or desired requirements without any missing elements
  3. Being free from any viable legal issues or disputes, thereby holding a valid legal status
  4. The act of completely conforming to legal requirements or principles
  5. The process of preparing an appeal, making it ready for a higher court in accordance with procedural guidelines
  6. The process of establishing one's claim on a property or an asset such that it takes precedence over any subsequent claims, often done through statutory methods such as filing certain documents or occupying the collateral
  7. The act of completing a security interest in accordance with legal requirements, ensuring it is resilient against claims by third parties
How to use "perfect" in a sentence
  1. The contract was perfect, not leaving any room for discrepancies or misunderstandings.
  2. The bank followed specific procedures to perfect its security interest in the debtor's property.
  3. With all the necessary documents submitted, the appeal was perfect for transfer to the appellate court.

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