Definitions of "pledge"
  1. The act of providing an item, usually of personal value, as assurance for a debt or other obligation
  2. The use of a personal item as an assurance, especially when the item is delivered to the lender
  3. An agreement where a person provides an item, often a piece of personal property, as collateral
  4. The condition of being provided as a guarantee or security
  5. An item provided as a guarantee for the fulfillment of an agreed task
  6. A binding promise to carry out a particular act or not to perform an act
  7. The act of offering something tangible as security for a debt or obligation
  8. Securing an obligation with a binding promise
  9. The assurance or promise of performing or paying
How to use "pledge" in a sentence
  1. To secure the loan, I had to pledge my car as collateral.
  2. When signing the contract, they made a pledge to keep the business information confidential.
  3. The borrower was required to pledge an item of value before being granted the loan.

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