Definitions of "possession"
  1. The state or condition of having control or ownership of an item
  2. The state in which an individual physically has and controls an item
  3. The situation where an individual doesn't physically have an item but can still exercise control over it
  4. The ability to knowingly exercise control and authority over prohibited items such as contraband
  5. The condition where an individual holds or enjoys using a tangible item
  6. The exercise of power and control over a property
  7. A case where an item is controlled, occupied, or owned
How to use "possession" in a sentence
  1. Based on clues found at the crime scene, investigators believe the culprit had possession of the stolen artifacts.
  2. For a possession charge to stand, the prosecution must prove that the defendant had knowing control over the substances involved.
  3. From the lease agreement, it was evident that the tenant had possession of the property.

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