Definitions of "preemption"
  1. It is the privilege to buy something before anyone else has the opportunity to do so
  2. This is the privilege given by the government to an occupant of a piece of public land, allowing them to purchase it before the general public
  3. In the context of law, preemption refers to the principle that if a higher level of government has established regulations on a certain subject, those rules will overwrite any laws made by a lower level of government, such as a city
  4. This term can also describe the act or occurrence of using the preemption right
How to use "preemption" in a sentence
  1. The seller gave the tenant preemption rights to the property before selling it on the open market.
  2. Due to the preemption clause in their agreement, the local council's regulations were superseded by state laws.
  3. The cable company exercised its preemption right to purchase a sought-after piece of land before anyone else could.

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