Definitions of "prescribe"
  1. The act of asserting a claim to a title or a right to something, such as an easement, over a period of time
  2. The process by which an obligation or right becomes invalid due to the passage of time
  3. The action of establishing a principle or guideline with authority
  4. The process of prohibiting enforcement of something due to the lapse of a specified time period
How to use "prescribe" in a sentence
  1. The homeowner sought to prescribe the alleyway behind their home as their own, having used it for several years.
  2. The unpaid debt could no longer be collected as the statute of limitations to prescribe had passed.
  3. The board of directors can prescribe rules for the company to ensure smooth operations.
  4. The court cannot take any action on the case due to the prescribe time period.

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