Definitions of "prescription"
  1. The process of obtaining a lesser interest in real property, such as an easement, through long-term, continuous, open, and hostile use and possession, as defined by jurisdictional law
  2. The expiration of a legally designated amount of time after which a right becomes unenforceable in Louisiana courts, although it may still be enforceable in the courts of another state
  3. The establishment of a right due to the passage of a legally fixed period of time
  4. A principle or instruction established as a regulatory rule
How to use "prescription" in a sentence
  1. After ten years of using the pathway that crossed her neighbor's land, she was able to acquire a prescription over it.
  2. The claim was denied because it was filed too late and thus came under the law of prescription in Louisiana.
  3. Due to the prescription, he now has the right to use the shared driveway.
  4. The company policy mandates prescription for specific behavioral guidelines in the workplace.

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