Definitions of "President"
  1. The individual appointed to lead a meeting or an assembly
  2. The designated governor of a political entity below the level of the state
  3. The top official responsible for managing and setting policies for a corporation or institution
  4. The official with the highest authority in a governmental entity
  5. The executive officer elected in a presidential form of government, who acts as both the head of state and chief political executive
  6. An officer elected in a parliamentary government, who is recognized as the head of state but generally holds only nominal political power
How to use "President" in a sentence
  1. After the elections, the new President worked diligently to fulfil the promises made during the campaign.
  2. In the meeting of the board of trustees, the President presented a new five-year strategy for the institution.
  3. Under the parliamentary system, the President often plays a largely ceremonial role, while the prime minister handles most executive powers.

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