Definitions of "principal"
  1. Something or someone that holds the highest rank or is the most significant among other related things or individuals
  2. A person or thing that holds a prominent or high-ranking position
  3. A person or entity who takes part in an action or transaction, often holding a certain level of control or authority
  4. An individual who engages others to carry out tasks for them under their general supervision or direction
  5. An individual who directly commits a crime or encourages or assists another individual to commit a crime
  6. The person who is primarily responsible for fulfilling a legal obligation, or one who will ultimately carry the responsibility because of a duty to cover someone else's losses
  7. An original amount of money that produces interest, is owed as a debt, or is used as a financial resource
How to use "principal" in a sentence
  1. The loan company sent a notice to the debtor that the principal of the loan was due.
  2. The bank increased its profits by investing the principal in various business ventures.
  3. The police have captured one of the two criminals who acted as the principal in the bank robbery.

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