Definitions of "private"
  1. Refers to something that is meant for or restricted to a certain individual or specific group and is not open to the general public
  2. It means something that is not influenced, controlled, or originated from the government
  3. This describes something that is owned by an individual person or a specific entity
  4. This concept implies that shares are not available for open trade in the stock market
  5. Relates to matters that affect the interests of an individual, a specific group, or a particular location
  6. Used to describe someone who is not currently holding or involved in a public office or job
  7. Highlighted for properties or affairs that are not associated with an official position
  8. Demonstrates situations or information not publicly known or conducted openly
  9. This refers to an agreement or document signed privately, not in an official capacity
How to use "private" in a sentence
  1. The software is currently in the private beta testing phase, which means it's not yet available for the public to use.
  2. Due to conflict-of-interest issues, the judge stepped down from his official duties to continue his career in private practice.
  3. The private beach owned by the hotel is restricted only to the hotel's guests.

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