Definitions of "privilege"
  1. A perk, entitlement, or immunity given as a unique benefit, profit, or favor
  2. An immunity from legal responsibility when a deed is considered justifiable (like in instances of self-defense) or due to the demands of a particular role or position
  3. Exemption from the obligation to disclose information in a legal context due to a confidential relationship or job
  4. Something specially sanctioned or conferred as an act of discretion that may be constrained or withdrawn
  5. An entitlement of a creditor due to the nature of a debt to have precedence over the debtor's other lenders
  6. Any of various essential rights regarded as particularly protected to all individuals by a constitution
How to use "privilege" in a sentence
  1. The judge ruled that she did not have the privilege to withhold information since she was not a licensed attorney.
  2. In bankruptcy proceedings, secured creditors often exercise their privilege over other creditors to claim the debtor's assets.
  3. The Constitution guarantees certain privilege and immunities to each citizen, ensuring the protection of individual rights.

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