Definitions of "probate"
  1. The legal process through which a court validates a deceased person's will, confirming its authenticity
  2. A court's official decision confirming a will's validity
  3. An officially verified copy of a will that has gone through the probate process
  4. Issues or cases that are within the authority of a court specialized in wills and estates
  5. The act of validating a will's authenticity through the probate process
  6. The action of granting probation to a convicted offender
  7. The action of substituting a criminal's sentence with probation
How to use "probate" in a sentence
  1. After his father's death, Jack had to go through the probate process to validate the will.
  2. The rigors of probate can be lessened by having a clearly written and legally sound will.
  3. The judge decided to probate the offender, considering the offender's remorse and willingness to reform.

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