Definitions of "probation"
  1. A time of evaluation and potential termination at the start of employment, during which an individual's suitability for the role is assessed
  2. A period of observation during employment or education due to a breach of standards, during which dismissal can occur if standards are not achieved
  3. A scenario where part or all of a penal sentence is put on hold, and replaced with a state of liberty contingent on meeting certain conditions and under the oversight of a probation officer
  4. A standalone sentence of probation
  5. The duration or circumstance of being under probation
How to use "probation" in a sentence
  1. After her legal troubles, she was put on probation and had to report to a probation officer every week.
  2. During his initial six months at the new job, he was on probation and his performance was closely monitored.
  3. She was sentenced to probation for her minor offense rather than serving time in jail.

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