Definitions of "proprietary"
  1. Relates to a product, process, or invention protected by exclusive legal rights granted to the original creator or owner
  2. Refers to something held as personal property of a private entity or person
  3. Characterizes the behaviors, interests, or rights of an owner
  4. Relates to something that is exclusive to one person or entity by virtue of legal privilege
  5. Pertains to a privately-owned organization operated with the aim of generating profit
How to use "proprietary" in a sentence
  1. The company has patented their groundbreaking technology, making it proprietary.
  2. The storefront was simply a proprietary business, concealing their true acts of intelligence gathering.
  3. The artwork held in the museum was proprietary, owned solely by a private individual.
  4. As a small business owner, he had proprietary interest in the success of his shop.
  5. Their software program is proprietary, as it was developed and is exclusively used by their organization.
  6. The hospital is a proprietary organization, functioning to generate profit.
  7. The municipal park renovations were seen as a proprietary act, raising the overall value of the municipality.

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