Definitions of "protection"
  1. The act of keeping something or someone safe from harm or danger
  2. A person or thing that shields from harm, damage or loss
  3. The act of guiding, helping, or overseeing someone who is less capable or powerful
  4. The act of securing the producers of local products from international competition through methods such as imposing high tariffs on imported goods
  5. The situation where lawbreakers secure immunity from legal action by bribing or manipulating the legal system
  6. Money demanded by criminal groups, pretending to offer safeguarding services
  7. The safeguard offered by insurance policies against financial losses
How to use "protection" in a sentence
  1. The home owner's insurance provided protection against damages resulting from natural disasters.
  2. The youth sought protection from an older sibling when the bullies confronted him.
  3. The government introduced new tariffs as protection for the local industries from foreign competitors.

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